The word bathhouse (Hamam) originates from Arabic, it is the common areas where the bath stone, which contains hot and cold water, comes together. It is a tradition that has survived from the Ottoman times and continues to be kept alive, and is encountered in Anatolia and city centers. Historical baths in our country are mostly located outside of the building or at their entrances. We can find baths in locations that are accessible to everyone and where hot springs are located. People in ancient times used to go where hot springs were located. The open ones of these places are called “thermae” and those that are closed are called “thermal springs” and are generally confused with the bath. The most important feature that separates hot springs from baths is that they can come to the pool in the middle of the bathing areas. The bath culture from the past to the present continues its place in our culture by taking its modern form.
Considering the archaeological results, the bath example is first seen in Athens. Modern baths seem to be common in Ancient Greece. These structures built by the Romans are called therma. The origin of the word “termal” in Turkish comes from. Romans used baths as a pleasure and entertainment center as well as their intended use in Turkish use. In addition, they used it as places where they came together and chatted, and where they had meetings and meetings. For the Romans, the bathhouse is a bath place used to treat illnesses and to educate the body. This feature of the bath continued in the same way in the Turks. The bath was especially important among women. Wealthy women would socialize by going to public baths once a week, even if they had private baths in their homes. (
Turkish bath is really beneficial with its effects on our health. With the effect of hot air and steam, the pores in your body soften. With the pouch made, the softened pores are opened. Thus, your skin is both purified from dead skin and gets more oxygen. Turkish bath is also good for muscle tension and pain, opens joints, increases lymphatic system cleansing and blood circulation. It also reduces sinus congestion caused by asthma or allergic conditions, and keeps the skin young and fresh.
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