We have started to use the internet shopping that we prefer while ordering the most food in our daily life, especially in the shopping we make for our home or ourselves, especially with the virus epidemic that has affected the whole world recently. Before that, we preferred to shop on the internet both because it takes less time in our daily intensity and because we could find more varieties. E-commerce, which started its first applications in the world in 1995, offers people the opportunity to shop anytime and anywhere, and offers companies the opportunity to sell without store expenses and reach a much wider customer base than they can reach in normal time. It has become the habit of everyone to shop online, especially during the pandemic. We took care to get even the slightest need over the internet. In this way, we discovered that we can find the products we are looking for at the prices we are looking for. The volume of e-commerce, which is growing day by day with the use of internet and mobile devices, has experienced the acceleration it will gain in 3-5 years since March 2020 due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) in just 6 months. This shows that e-commerce will increase much more with digital transformation. World Trade Organization (WTO) defines the e-commerce as “the production, distribution, marketing, sales and delivery of goods and services through electronic means”. In 2019, the rate of e-commerce in total retail trade was 18.3 percent in the UK, 15.2 percent in the USA and 11.7 percent in Germany. Internet shopping sales are increasing rapidly in the UK, and people’s shopping habits and ways are also changing when everyone is closed to their homes.

According to the latest figures from the UK Office for National Statistics, the rate of spending on online shopping rose to a record high and highest rate of 35.2% in January 2021. This is considerably higher than the 29.6% announced in December 2020 and the 19.5% reported in January 2020. This clearly shows us the growing interest in online shopping. For this reason, Earlyfox has established an internet shopping site where you can easily access all of its products. You can examine Earlyfox products from our site where you can find handmade products made with quality raw materials and you can order 24/7.