Most of us work all year for one thing: HOLIDAY. We leave all our stress, all the rush about life behind us and count days to go and relax. Some of us like a winter holiday in the snow, some of us prefer a holiday in the greenery in touch with nature. Nevertheless, when we say vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea waves hitting the beach, the sunlight that warms our skin and the sand that clings to our feet. The mornings when we started the day without the sound of an alarm, and then a whole day that belongs only to us, where we do whatever we want…

We prepare our luggage with the dream of all this and with great enthusiasm. We always bring more than we need. Perhaps the first thing we put in our suitcase is our beach towels and then our bathrobes. The fact that our towels are thin and light provides great convenience to us. The most ideal product for holidays is peshtemal, due to its fine structure and water absorption capacity. While it takes up less space in our luggage, it provides a much more comfortable use on the beach or in the shower. In addition, they dry very quickly. Handmade Earlyfox peshtemals and towels knitted with quality yarns do not harm your skin and add elegance to your beach.

Earlyfox continues to add elegance to your holiday not only with its towels, but also with Seyyah shoes and slippers. Completely handmade and made with raw leather Seyyah shoes and slippers are manufactured using a technique used for centuries in Turkey. They are highly preferred because they are long-lasting and very durable. It will become indispensable pieces to complement your combinations both during your holiday and in your daily life.

Apart from all these, Earlyfox candles that will make you feel at home in your hotel room will be with you throughout your holiday. Carcinogenic substances are often used to make the waxes more durable. Earlyfox candles are produced only with pure essential oils and natural soy wax. Like all our products, our completely handmade candles help you relax with their natural fragrances and aromatherapy effect. Thus, wherever you are, the moment you enter through the door, everywhere becomes your home. With Earlyfox, you can create your own space wherever you go.