The hammam culture occupies a very important place in our traditions. Although this culture has lost its importance recently, there are important legacies that this culture has left us today and one of them is the use of the peshtemal. Although peshtemals are products associated with public baths and hammams, these are not the only spaces where they are used, so if you think your towels or bathrobes take up too much space in your home, you can consider using a peshtemal.

Handwoven Peshtemals

All weaving and sewing processes of handmade peshtemals are handcrafts and all these processes are carried out by distinguished tailors and people who have gained experience in this business with a strong command of traditional production methods. If you are going on a holiday and do not want to use the towels or bathrobes provided to you at your accommodation, then you should take your own towel or bathrobe with you. This is, however, not possible as towels and bathrobes take up too much space in suitcases, but taking peshtemals instead is the best thing to do in such a situation.

Thanks to their soft and light qualities, peshtemals are both easy to carry and great for drying. You can easily use peshtemals in Turkish baths, saunas, at the seaside, by the pool, and in spa centers and gyms. In addition, because they are both small and light, they do not take up space in your bags and mean you are carrying less weight. If you want to buy a small and high quality product that takes up little space in your luggage, you can take a look at the products we sell on EarlyFox.

Production Process of Handwoven Peshtemals

Peshtemals are produced in original narrow looms or benches called black looms. Yarns used during the production are dyed with special matter when necessary and the resulting product has a completely healthy structure. All of the looms used in the production of peshtemal are hand-powered and the created products become valuable items. Handmade peshtemals can be produced from cotton, linen, bamboo, or viscose, and are all extremely high quality products that you can use for many years due to their hand loom production.

While handmade peshtemals are traditional Turkish products, peshtemal fashion has been spreading recently in Europe, the American continent, and in Australia with a great interest in handmade peshtemals all over the world. As they are both small and soft, they do the work of large towels and bathrobes that take up space in cupboards and suitcases alike. At the same time, they are extremely effective in absorbing water due to the way they are produced and the yarns used in the production process. Handmade peshtemals are therefore the products for the future while still attracting all the attention with their modern and traditional designs.

Where to Buy Handwoven Peshtemals?

Before buying handmade peshtemals, you need to make sure that the product you will buy is genuinely a high quality and handmade peshtemal. As machine-made products will wear out in a short time and even damage your body, it is important to shop with a reliable company in order to avoid any problems. If you want to buy a quality handmade peshtemal, you may be interested in our handmade peshtemals that you can buy on EarlyFox.