We all have certain holiday habits. One of these habits is to take our own towel or bathrobe with us while on vacation. But this can sometimes turn into a huge problem because suitcases are small while towels and bathrobes are too big. It is therefore not easy to fit these large bathrobes and towels in our luggage. A product that can serve the same task as a towel or a bathrobe and can be used as a beach towel while not taking up much space is needed. This is where beach towels, which can also be used as peshtemals, come to the fore.

Hand Woven Beach Towels

Hand woven products have many advantages in terms of both use and quality. Before these advantages, it should not be forgotten that all these products are produced by hand using traditional looms and human labour. Although they are traditional, they also incorporate classical lines in their designs. You can take a look at the products we sell on Earlyfox to choose the most suitable for you from the colors and patterns that you desire.

Hand woven beach towels are produced by local manufacturers using high quality yarns. One of the biggest advantages of these towels is that they take up much less space than regular towels. In this way, you can carry them more comfortably and don’t tire yourself while carrying them. At the same time, these towels can absorb water easily due to their structure and materials while their drying properties are much better compared to normal towels. The thin, soft towels dry much faster than normal towels and are ideal products to be used on vacation, on the beach, or in the gym. In addition, while the use of towels has decreased in recent years, the use of peshtemals and light hand woven towels has increased.

Quality of Hand Woven Beach Towels

While producing hand woven beach towels, traditional methods are used. They are not easily accomplished by everyone and are applied by people who have gained experience over many years. These towels are usually woven on large wooden looms and although they take much longer to produce compared to machine towels, they are of much higher quality and longer lasting than machine towels. If you want a long-lasting, soft, and light beach towel that you want to use for many years, choose these products.

Where to Buy Hand Woven Beach Towels?

Handwoven beach towels are not always easy to find, as they are only produced by local producers using traditional methods. The easy way to access these products today is by viewing and purchasing our products from EarlyFox, a place where we bring you quality products from local producers at affordable prices. With EarlyFox, you can shop with a company you can trust and purchase high quality products that you can use for many years.