Our story started in mid-2020. Having worked in different lines of business in the private sector for years, we met by chance in England where we had just arrived. We both shared the excitement and adaptation of building a new life in a different country together with the desire to be able to do many different, beautiful things.


We wanted to show everyone the beauty and special nature of handmade products while offering a better alternative to conscious consumers. Yes, we are a large consumer society, but hasn’t this pandemic taught us to live minimally at the same time? That our lives continue with much less? Do we really have such big needs after all?

This is exactly what we wanted to present: Sustainable and long-lasting natural products, to show people the uniqueness of hand production. For this reason, we have brought together traditional Anatolian handmade shoes and textile products under our Earlyfox brand by adapting them to today’s designs with local manufacturers.


All of our products and production processes have a story. The best of all is that even if they look alike, each product is unique and handcrafted with great effort…