Shoes & Slippers

Seyyah Shoes and Slippers, take their long lasting structure from the thread which is obtained from beeswax: also, tailored with single thread and double needle indecipherable technic. Our ethical approach is based on supporting local producers while aiming to deliver elegant and practical alternatives to disposable fast consumed products.


Robes & Towels

Our Turkish towels and robes, hand woven in Anatolia as the shuttle looms and produced in small batches. It forms the basis of our philosophy of sustainability and supporting local production. Since they are produced of raw fibres, they become more budget friendly in washing and drying wise.



Standard candles are prepared with paraffin and stearic acid to be durable and release carcinogenic gas when you burn them. Our EARLYFOX candles are produced from 100% natural soy wax with pure essential oils, while adding a pleasant atmosphere to your home. The candles help relax you and your space with an aromatherapy effect.

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Earlyfox – Environmentally friendly raw materials, environmental designs, traceability and social compliance procedures are the basic building blocks of a sustainable future journey in textile production.

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